Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Owyhee River gorge deep in the SE Oregon desert, a group of ordinary Canadians embark on a journey of a lifetime down the one of the most remote rivers in the Lower 48. This incredible river journey is all the more remarkable as the core expedition members are all young adults and survivors of cancer.

In our modern age of technology, advanced medical care and support, many Canadians are surprised to learn that young adults with cancer face many challenges unique to their age group during their treatment and recovery. They face not only the physical and mental challenges of the disease, but a far more subtle fight for acceptance and recognition in a health system that has largely forgotten them.

Led by 25 year old Mike Lang, who finished treatments justs a few months before the expedition, this inspirational group of young adult survivors share their personal stories and apply the lessons they learned from their cancer struggle as together they battle a completely new set of trials on the river. The result is an extraordinary journey of fear, uncertainty, and seemingly insurmountable emotional and physical challenges combined with strength, humour, beauty, and a rare insight into the lives of one of Canada’s most underserved and unrecognized populations.